Whether You Need Garden Supplies or Hardware, We Can Help!

"We just bought a weber grill here and the people were very nice and helpful. This place is a old fashioned hardware store from before the times of Lowes and Hope Depot. It is very nice to speak to someone who is knowledgeable and professional."
★★★★★ - Sara B., Bridgeport, CT

"Always helpful. They don't point you in a direction and walk away. They walk you over to the item you need and help you decide the appropriate 'flavor'. Great place if you dont know much about hardware."
★★★★★ - Zippy P.

"What I really like about Posters is the personal service. Believe me, I was a long time Home Depot lemming too, that is until I discovered the wonders of a local hardware store. Never a line, they have the same stuff, etc. Although it may seem trivial to some, what really sold me was how well they make copies of house-keys! I swear, every time I tried to get keys made at Home Depot, they would NEVER work, so frustrating! Posters keys always work the first time."
★★★★ - Aaron W., Fairfield, CT

"A wonderful, home town hardware store that can't be beat. I get exhausted just looking at the huge warehouse stores. I don't even comparison shop. For your every day needs and convenience, Poster's is the only place to go. Love it!"
★★★★★ - Linda G., Fairfield, CT

"The only place to go for hardware needs....great staff and always willing to give knowledgeable advice in solving a particular problem. Family owned and the pride in how to run the business shows through all the time. As the saying goes: "If we don't have it, you don't need it".

Terrific hardware store and great service...Everyone goes the extra mile in order to give advise if you have a problem....Burt and the staff are always there for you with consistent and good advise. Unlike many of the Home Desperate type store, Burt and the staff will always be honest with you and tell you if they can't help you rather just sell you something in order to ring up a sale.....Try them, you won't be disappointed."
★★★★★ - Dennis B., Fairfield, CT

"I have been a happy customer for over 2 decades and I'm still impressed. A family run business with a huge selection of products that boggles the imagination. They don't carry the lumber, major appliances (fridges, etc.) that the big box store like HD or Lowes do, but they have pretty much everything I seem to need and plenty of accurate and friendly advice. I've never comparison shopped them on price vs the big box stores but I value their convenience and service over any potential savings. I also think they still deliver stuff and have "house" charge accounts - so you can send the kids there to pick stuff up for you."
★★★★★ - Roger C., Fairfield, CT

"I have been a Fairfield resident since 2000 and I have always enjoyed shopping at Poster's. The workers are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Poster's is much closer to my house that the dreaded big box store a couple of miles further away - and Poster's has everything you need and more of the fun stuff. I always try Poster's first...and you should, too. Support local businesses!"
★★★★★ - Mary K., Fairfield, CT

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